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01   RockwwoolRockfiber/Stonewool Fire Proof Products
 Ensuring Your Protection
02   RockwoolRockfiber/Stonewool Thermal Insulation
 Providing Thermal Comfort
03   RockwoolRockfiber/Stonewool Enviro Friendly Products
 Conserving Energy For A Better Tommorow
04   Rockwool Rockfiber/Stonewool Enviro Friendly Products
 Conserving Energy For A Better Tommorow
Why  Rockwool ?
  • 100% Fire Proof, Classified as CLASS I
  • Noise reduction Coefficient (NRC) of product is very high.
  • Very Low K- Value ( Thermal Conductivity )
  • Uniformity of Fibers Distribution, Diameter & Lay Pattern are Special Features of
  • Wide Range of Application from - 50 to 750 Degree Centigrade.
  • Meets IS, BS & ASTM Standards.
Rockwool  Rockfiber/Stonewool Product
Lightly Resin Resin Bonded Building Roll Sectional Pipe Insulation(SPI)
Lightly Resin
Bonded Mattress(LRB)
Resin Bonded
Building Roll
Sectional Pipe Insulation(SPI)
For large curve surface or cutting to fit over irregular surfaces like Boilers, Equipments, E.S.P, Ducts, Ovens, Furnaces, Tanks, Pipe Lines, Chimney walls etc. For Acoustical and Thermal insulation on flat or slightly curved surfaces. For insulation of Pre-Engineered Buildings, Large Sheds, and Pre-fabricated houses. For Insulation of steam & process pipelines in Oil refineries, chemical & power plants.
Rockwool Rockwool Rockwool Rockwool
Loose Mineral  
Loose Mineral
Fire Proof
Acoustic Solution Board  
For areas where preformed insulation is difficult to apply. Fire Proof products are made from the selected natural occurring basalt rocks. AIB range of Rockfiber / Stonewool products has a unique grain structure  
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