Thermocare Rock wool (I) Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading & recognised manufacturer of Rockfiber/Stonewool
insulation product under the brand name of SUNROCK®.

A unique combination of people & technology together with sound business ethics & a focus on product development contributing in raising the benchmark of this competitive global industry.

Located in central India with convenient come and go advantageous geographical location, having presence in major cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Pune and Mumbai.

We Aim

  • Towards insulating the world.
  • Towards saving the energy thereby increasing the comfort living of people across the world thereby creating sustainable environment
  • With our state-of-art technology, process and infrastructure to cross many more milestones in our quest for manufacturing excellence.


We Work

On 360° improvement basis, what this all mean for you is faster lead time and greater flexibility in product line to meet your growing demand and changing needs. To serve with unmatched quality, dedicated workforce in order to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

About Us

SUNROCK® our brand, registered & in force since 2006 has now created a benchmark for the industry & is a highly innovative insulation material created with the most advanced technology to meet IS, BS, EN & ASTM Standards.

SUNROCK® offers a wide range of insulation products for different application of Thermal and Acoustical areas.

Keeps every possible advantage of the characteristics of rocks in its products among which Fireproof, Sound Proof, Eco-Friendly & Non-Hazardous are few to highlight.

To design a best fit Insulation System for specific job SUNROCK® caters a pool of choices of products in various Forms, Densities and Thicknesses with different Facings.


SUNROCK® products are manufactured from various types of dia-base rocks, mainly basalt of specific predetermined chemical composition, melted at high temperature in a technically advanced process. Fine hairline fibres are then produced by spinning the molten mixture in a very high speed through multi spun disc system and then fibres are bonded with a special thermosetting resin.

Some very distinguished features making SUNROCK® the first choice for Thermal and Acoustic Insulation solution are:

  1. 100% Fire Proof, classified as CLASS O, when tested according to BS 476 with its various relevant parts.
  2. Noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of SUNROCK® stonewool products are very high.
  3. Very Low K-Value (Thermal Conductivity) at relatively higher mean temperatures.
  4. Flame Spread and Smoke developed index is 0 when tested according to ASTM E 84.
  5. A wide range of application from -50° C to 750° C.
  6. ExcelIent resilience to compression.
  7. Do not cause, initiate or promote fire when tested according to BS 476 with its various relevant parts.
  8. SUNROCK® products are water repellent and have no capillary action.