We’ve all fallen victim to the distractions and disruptions brought about to us by unwanted external noise. Whether it be the honking of cars outside your office window, a screeching train passing by your house at all hours of the day, or the roar of planes flying overhead, many find themselves combating sleepless nights and unfinished work simply from unwanted noise alone. As a result, home and business owners often find themselves shopping for soundproofing for their spaces.


Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class (OITC) is a measurement that indicates the rate of transmission of sound between an outdoor and indoor space. This form of measurement was created to best determine the level of performance of products in eliminating exterior noise, which can often permeate barriers through heavy, low frequencies.

Additionally, OITC ratings are used to determine how capable products are for use in low frequency sensitive areas. The OITC rating scale captures transmission loss
results between 80 and 4,000Hz.


Our hearing range is between 20 and 20,000 Hz, and it’s most sensitive to sounds in the 1000 Hz range. Sound insulation can help improve our comfort and even our health.


SUNROCK AIB 6075 are made of stone wool, so are also water, moisture and rot resistant. The 75 mm thick board is a lighter weight product which doesn’t prevent them from being a heavyweight in noise transfer reduction. The AIB6075 has mid and high range frequency ratings of OITC is 31 and can be used inside walls, ceilings, and floors or as framed panels. It is more flexible (less rigid) than the board products, so can be used to wrap as well.

SUNROCK AIB 607575231501000mm x 500mm
Fire Performance

Class I

  • No propagation of flames when the surface is entertained by fire.
    (According to EN 13501 – 1)

EUROClass A 1 s0 d0

  • According to ASTM E 84/UL723

Class A

  • Flame Speed Index 0
  • Smoke Developed index 0

Water Repellency

  • According to BS 2972 absorbs less than 1%
  • According to ASTM C 1104 C 612 & is 8183 absorbs less than 1%