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SUNROCK® our brand, registered & in force since 2006 has now created a benchmark for the industry & is a highly innovative insulation material created

Fire Proof Insulation

SUNROCK fireproof boards can be used in all types of buildings. Stonewool’s impressive fire resistant qualities allow it to be used in critical, high-risk applications such as…

Acoustic Solutions

SUNROCK ACOUSTIC INSULATION BOARD is rigid board made for use in ceilings and floors, as well as walls. It not only provides a thermal barrier, but also improves…

Thermal Insulation

SUNROCK Thermal Insulation materials are installed in Commercial & Residential Buildings to improve the energy consumption of the buildings’ cooling and heating systems.


SUNROCK Thermal insulation is a great solution to reduce energy consumption by preventing heat gain or loss. This reduction of unwanted temperature changes decreases the energy…


SUNROCK® products are manufactured from various types of dia-base rocks, mainly basalt of specific predetermined chemical composition, melted at high temperature in a technically advanced process. Fine hairline fibres are then produced by spinning the molten mixture in a very

SUNROCK® Products