The damage caused by fire in buildings is beyond calculation. Each year many lives are lost and injuries occur because of fire. This destruction also has a significant financial and environmental burden.

In fighting fires every second counts. Fire-resistant materials such as mineral wool provide vital extra minutes in delaying the spread of fire, which helps save lives and limits the destruction of property and mankind.

SUNROCK fireproof boards can be used in all types of buildings. Stonewool’s impressive fire resistant qualities allow it to be used in critical, high-risk applications such as on offshore oil rigs and in petrochemical refineries.

Fireproof products stands still on direct exposure to flames and with stand temperature maximum up to 1000°C.

SUNROCK Fireproof products have, thus, unmatched fire retardant properties which not only saves you but your valuable assets from fire accidents.

SUNROCK products are tested according to EN 13501 – 1 at Exova Waringtonfire, U.K.

According to ASTM E 84


Flame Spread Index 0
Smoke Developed Index 0
Acc. to BS 476 – Part 4, 5, 6 & 7

Incombustible, Flame Retardant & Transfers less heat

According to EN 13501-1

In addition to the fire safety regulations for the building sector, some insurers encourage building owners and occupants to upgrade their fire protection measures by offering reduced premiums. Buildings insulated with mineral wool often attract lower insurance premiums than those insulated with combustible products.