Marine boards are rigid slabs they are designed for Marine and offshore requirements as it varies in different conditions which require customized products for thermal insulation and for acoustic insulation on-board. Modern ship building standards and requirements are getting more stringent over recent years across the industry. Major concern of the industry can be observed as below:

  • Fire protection of constructions and components.
  • Reducing energy consumption.
  • Thermal comfort of the passengers.
  • Good acoustic properties of constructions and devices.
  • Meeting the requirements and product standards in accordance to IMO.

SUNROCK Marine Boards are made from the selected natural occurring basalt rocks having extra ordinary property against fire that it embraces volcanoes beneath/on the earth crust. Boards are tailored as per marine and offshore specific requirements.

SUNROCK Marine Boards complies to all IMO rules and requirements.

SUNROCK Marine product range provides perfect solution to challenging shipbuilding requirements. World class products with conventional advantage of acoustic, thermal & fire insulation, with substantial weight savings.

Advantages :

  • Higher Fire safety
  • Perfect sound absorption
  • Water Repellent
  • Easy & Fast installation
  • Excellent Thermal properties