SUNROCK insulation materials are widely used in residential buildings to insulate roof walls and floors. SUNROCK insulation materials are used to keep buildings cooler in summer and warmer in winter by reducing the flow of heat through the exterior surfaces of the building.

Key features of SUNROCK insulation materials:-

  • SUNROCK reduces energy bills for heating and cooling in residential buildings due to the outstanding thermal resistance of the wool.
  • SUNROCK offers noise insulation due to its innovative materials that trap sound waves and deadens vibration time.
  • It offers fire protection to the building and improved safety because it is made of STONE.
  • SUNROCK materials are Biologically Inert reduces the risk of mould and bacterial growth on the inside of the property.
  • It constitutes a compression-resistant material that can be used as roofing boards or bonded panels.
  • It offers quick and easy installation providing air tightness to the building envelope.
  • Improves the thermal comfort and air quality of the building offering a healthier environment to the occupants.
  • Provides long term performance due to the unrivalled durability of rock that has unlimited lifetime. So there is no need for maintenance increasing the payback time of the intervention.
  • It has minimum environmental impact because it reduces carbon footprint due to its natural origin and hazardous-free classifications.
  • SUNROCK itself is sourced from natural and sustainable raw materials and perhaps more importantly it can be completely recycled when the building is no longer in use without producing waste.