With increase in global temperature and depletion of Fuels, SUNROCK plays a vital role to provide calmer and sustainable environment. SUNROCK Insulation materials are used in a wide range of applications starting from floors, roof, walls & ducts etc.

SUNROCK reduces energy bills for heating and cooling in buildings due to the outstanding thermal resistance and provide a comfortable environment to work. SUNROCK materials are fireproof and do not propagate fire, helps to build fire safe environment. SUNROCK materials are Biologically Inert reduces the risk of mould and bacterial growth on the inside of the property and are easy to use and install and are compatible with building materials. SUNROCK with its optimum NRC values providing more comfortable environment with reduction in internal and external noise. SUNROCK materials are durable in nature and generally holds up to the shelf life of host structure.

Commercial structure like PEB, Airports, Stadiums, Porta Cabin, Malls, work stations etc are insulated with SUNROCK materials to provide calmer and thermal comfort working environment.