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fireproof boards

Safety is one of the foremost elements considered at the time of building construction. Professional builders take all necessary measures to safeguard the building and its occupants from any hazards like theft, lightning, burglary, etc. 

Among all probable hazards, fire is the most treacherous one, and from that standpoint, Fire Resistant Board can be enormously helpful in eliminating any significant damage to the building.

So now let’s see, How actually fire spreads in building and how can we avoid it from spreading.

How does fire spread in a building?

Fire extinguishment is a scientific phenomenon and it can occur anywhere, subject to conditions. But the most distressing part is the spread of fire. In the absence of fireproof boards, it spreads faster than one’s imagination and it can encompass anything and everything that comes in its range.

fire protectionSome objects are most likely to exist in all buildings, in homes or offices. When they come in contact with fire, it becomes more aggressive and harsher. Items like paints, cleaners, laboratory chemicals, etc only feed the hunger of fire. Papers, cushions, mattresses, etc are the additional victims and they also contribute to the spread of fire.

Wooden made materials like doors, windows, sofas, chairs and tables also cannot be spared. Fire “gulps” everything and continues to spread even faster.

Air-conditioning ducts too contribute to the spread of fire. Fire can easily escape through the hollow space of ducts and extend its purview.

In buildings where fire protection boards are installed, the dissemination of fire remains low and so this is the most befitting answer to restrain the spread of fire.

Apt solution against Fire:

It should not be wrong to say that thermal insulation boards have become the most valuable asset in buildings. The major characteristic of this board is to control the spread of fire and lengthen the duration of the fire spreading in the surrounding area.

As a fireproof board takes care of this aspect, occupants get an adequate amount of time to safely evacuate the place and reach a safer destination. This extended period of fire spread also helps in reducing the range of damage and it also eases the job of the rescue team.

Sunrock Fire Resistant Boards – Other name of reliability

When it comes to building safety from fire, there is one name of reliability – Sunrock. Every fire resistant wall board from Sunrock, a brand of Thermocare Rock wool (I) Pvt. Ltd., is appropriate for all buildings. Moreover, these boards are best suited for high-risk applications such as petro refineries and offshore oil rigs.

Some noteworthy features of fire resistant boards as under:

  • Easy to install
  • Long lasting service
  • Affordable
  • Diverse applicability in different industries
  • Negligible maintenance

This is the reason this fire resistance utility available in the form of wall board Sunrock is highly preferred all over.

Special features of Sunrock Fire Resistant Boards:

The prime feature that provides this board a unique identity is – resistance against heat and fire radiation. Because of the fire resistance material used in making these boards, they possess low conductivity and are better equipped to absorb heat. Further, low shrinkage of this board is another attribute which keeps down the temperature on the opposite side of the board.

In addition, there are some tangible advantages of Sunrock thermal insulation boards to know about:

  • High endurance level against the extreme temperature of 1000°C
  • Great combating power against direct exposure to flames
  • Adherence to ASTM E 84, which is the standard used to test surface burning characteristics of building material

These distinct features of the non-combustible thermal insulation board make it the most essential utility in every building.

Applications of fire resistant boards:

Just as all fire safety equipments, a fireproof board too has its own applicability. Having known the special features of this board, it is equally important that you know the diversity of its application.

non combustible board duct insulationFire resistant board can be ideally applied on the compartments of a building.

Many offices of encasements where also installation of fire resistance wallboard is applicable so as to ensure protection from fire.

It can be similarly done at the encasement of electrical cables.

Other most prevalent applications of these boards are before all the ventilation ducts such as the AC ducts and smoke extraction ducts.

The board can be equally beneficial for outdoor applications, particularly those outdoors where flying debris can broaden the fire dispersion.

non combustible board insulation

Precisely speaking, we are living in an age where the likelihood of exposure to fire is very high. Metros and towns are enormously congested with commercial and residential buildings and the fire safety measures in these buildings are not quite satisfactory. The need of the hour is a sophisticated solution, which can uphold the fire where it is and abandon it from spreading.

application of fire resistance board

Whether you have an office or shop in a commercial building, live in the apartment of a building, or have your independent bungalow, you cannot turn down the significance of fire protection and also cannot go wrong with the selection of fire protection utility.

Gladly, such a solution is available today in the form fire resistant board and it is already being used in commercial and residential areas. Good thing is that a company like Sunrock does not compromise on quality. The fire safety board offered by Sunrock for preventing spread of fire has become the most essential utility in buildings. It is an emblem of reliability as it delivers the best service and continues to hold down fire – wherever it is applied.

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