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Escape of heat is a big problem in maintaining thermal efficiency, whether it is a building structure or industrial application.

Amongst various insulation products, mineral wool is considered an effective solution in minimizing thermal bridging.

It is a preferred insulation material today.

What is Mineral Wool?

It is an inorganic product made from a mixture of silica and stone. These raw materials are melted at high temperature and then spun into a fine wool like material.

Mineral wool

Due to its flexibility and fibrous nature mineral wool is ideal for a wide range of industrial and other thermal insulation requirements.

The wool is compressed into different shapes as per the need of the application.

Since it prevents the movement of air. The inert chemical composition makes it suitable in various industries.

The versatility of mineral wool:

Since it can be made in several densities, it brings a high level of versatility. It can be given any shape and it can be faced with different sheet materials. The range of products includes:

  • Loose granular material
  • Slabs
  • Rolls
  • Tiles
  • Blocks, etc.

As far as usage and applications are concerned, it can be used for roofs and ceilings, floorings, interior and exterior walls, pipes, machinery, and tools, equipment, and processes.

High density and better insulation make it an ideal choice for thermal and acoustic insulation.

How does mineral wool work?

Mineral wool prevents convection of heat because of its entrapment of air in the wooly matrix of open cells.

Since there is a little solid material in it, the heat does get pathways. Therefore, the conduction of heat also gets reduced. The trapped static air inside reduces thermal conductivity.

The wool acts as a physical barrier to the radiative process. Hence, heat transfer gets reduced.

Mineral wool for acoustic insulation:

Not only thermal insulation but it offers sound insulation as well by restricting the movement of air into the fabric of the material.

When sound waves move into the body of the mineral wool, they cause friction between the narrow airways in the body of the wool and air molecules.

The sound energy gets dissipated as heat and acoustic insulation is achieved.

Installation process:

One of the reasons it is widely used in insulation applications is its easy installation process. Batts can be installed between joist spaces between floors or between rooms for thermal and acoustic insulation.

When mineral wool is used between metal frames and timber, mineral wool does not need any extra fittings.  You do not need highly trained people to make use of it for insulation purposes. Users say that it is much easier to install and use than other comparative products such as fiberglass wool. It is lightweight and takes it position just by a little pushing, whether it is ceiling or wall.

Cutting and marking of batts can be done easily simply by cutting around pipes and other obstructions.

Though it is safe and easy to use, it is recommended that workers wear protective gear to save the skin and eyes, e.g., suitable clothing, goggles, and dust masks, etc.

How is insulation effectiveness measured?

There is a standard mechanism for calculating insulation effectiveness. It is called ‘R-value’. The more the R-value is, the better is the insulation quality.

As far as mineral wool is concerned, wool batts have an approximated R-value of between 3.1 and 3.4. However, it is important to check the datasheet given by the supplier to know the exact value.

Studies indicate that it has very good fire resistance properties. The material can withstand heats of up to 850 degrees.

It dries up quickly. Hence, it can prevent water damage as well. The insulation level returns to normal as soon as the wool dries up.

Comparison with other products:

There was a drop in the usage of mineral for some time when less-expensive fiberglass insulation was made available. However, the demand came to the previous level when people realized the shortcomings of competitive products and superiorities of mineral wool.

As far as sustainability is concerned, it is much more superior because it consists of up to 70 percent recycled material. Therefore, it is considered a more environment-friendly insulation material.

If you compare the moisture resistance, then also it is an undisputed winner. It resists water. Since it does not get damp easily, it prevents the growth of mold, fungi, mildew, or bacteria.

Cost-effectiveness of mineral wool is much better than other insulators. Its competitive products are not only costly, but they also offer less coverage.

It is the reason; the majority of industrial and construction applications are giving precedence to it over other material.

Thermocare India- The best place to buy industrial insulation products:

The quality of industrial insulation products depends on the quality of raw material used. When you search for high-quality, industry-standard mineral wool, Thermocare India is the company of first preference.

It brings superior, exceptionally long fibers with higher technical properties. The mineral wool brand SUNROCK is recommended for acoustic and thermal applications across industries. The product not just meets the service conditions but exceeds expectations.

Because of the better incombustibility, non-corrosive and non-settling properties, fire and water resistance, and sound absorption of SUNROCK, it is suitable in all types of applications.

Applications where preformed insulation material is difficult to apply, mineral wool is preferred.

Thermocare India brings world-class mineral wool that is ideal for insulation of cavities of irregular dimensions, e.g., pipelines and tanks, chimneys and furnaces, car exhausts, buildings, and so on.

Thermocare has established an excellent reputation in the marketplace because of its high-quality insulation products. The company believes in providing good-quality stuff at competitive rates. Every year, more clients are being added to the list.

The company has established itself in the marketplace of insulation products because of its unique capability of bringing people and technology together. It focuses on product development with high business ethics.

It is the reason, mineral wool insulation products made by Thermocare are continuously raising the benchmark of the competitive industry. State-of-the-art technology, good processes, and better infrastructure cross new milestones with every passing year.

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